Monumental Valley

Monumental Valey normally speaking I don’t really like gaming on the iPad. call me old fashioned but I like a controller with some physical buttons on it. To me even PC gaming is somewhat off because of the keyboard and mouse1. That said there are games that fit the platform so good that I can fully enjoy them without filling handicapped by the lack of a controller. Monumental Valley is such a game. Inspired by Asher drawings the game utilizes impossible geometrics to make some interesting puzzles. You are guiding Ida, a princess through the impossible geometric world manipulating it to make paths for her to walk. The graphics are stylized and beautiful. The game is challenging, if somewhat short (It took me a little over an hour to finish). if you enjoy puzzles and some dimensional thinking you should definitely pick this one up.

  1. I know it is better in absolute terms. I just prefer a controller. [return]