Arik Einsten

Arik Einstein Yesterday, at the age of 74, Arik Einstein passed away. Today he was buried in Tel Aviv, his and mine beloved city. Mr Einstein has been so influential to israeli culture that it is hard to explain it to non Israelis. There is simply no Arik Einstein here in the Netherlands. He was a musician, a singer, an actor, a comedian. He was enormously influential because he was simply incredibly good at what he did. It sometimes seemed like success was just an unintended side effect. He never chanced it, he was just to good to not achieve it.

Writers much better then myself will no doubt write about him in the coming weeks, so I will focus on my personal angle. In august of 2000 I moved to the Netherlands. I moved alone and knew no one here. The first few years were at time exciting, at time magical and at times very lonely. It was Mr. Einstein’s “In San Francisco On The Waterfront” which have became the hymn of my life at those years. We never actually met, and yet there were time in which I would sit and listen to that magical song and it felt like he, and only he fully understood what my life was like. That sort of bond feeling never left me. The first hebrew song I sag to my son was Mr. Einstein’s “Saturday Morning”.

All I have left to say is thank you, Mr. Einstein. Thank you for everything. You will be dearly, dearly missed