Dispatch App

Managing my email is not something I am good at. I have way to many email addresses I need to check several time a day and they all have way to full an inbox.

Last year I tried twice to remain at inbox zero, and twice I have failed. If things didn’t work well with the desktop mail apps, i wanted to try iOS apps to manage my mail. I tried both boxer and triage. Both looked promising on paper but just didn’t work for me. Boxer had all the making of a great mail app, but I already had a todo app and a reminder app. Using a different one for my mail was really not helpful. I pretty much gave up on keeping my email organised.

Then along came dispatch. I have been using dispatch for a week now it works perfectly for me. I can swipe to easily archive or delete. I can send emails to Things, create reminders, send texts to drafts and create calendar events. All that I need. Dispatch has finally made it possible for me to quickly and easily process my email and get data from the email message to where I need it to be. After purchasing it, I had within 1 hour arranged all my email and have been able to keep everything clear since.

I am sold.