Kfir Breger

I’m a developer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I do both front end and back end web develpment, as well as write applications. I have a passion for technology, which is rivaled only by my passion for racing mountain bikes. My first programming experience was writing GW-BASIC on my IBM-PC. I was hooked. From GW-BASIC I moved to C, and later on C++. At the university I was introduced to Java and more importantly, python. Python for me was love at first sight. Clean, powerful, robust. For years now, Python has been my go to language.

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam, I worked for Cap Gemini as a java developer, then for dop as drupal developer. Since 2013 I am a freelance developer. In my free time I enjoy racing mountain bikes, marathons or enduro, all through the year. In the winter I try to ride as much powder as I can on my snowboard, and in the summer I add some triathlons to the mix.